In February 2004, I retired from the Pentagon after being the Director, Executive Contracting Office for Iraq.   It was a very stressful position as I spent a lot of time on Capital Hill before Congressional Committees for things that we were doing in Iraq.  I also directed the procurement of over $200 Billion in procurements for Iraq.   I was exhausted when I retired.   I sold my condominium in Falls Church, Virginia and bought a house in Yuma, Arizona on the golf course.   I enjoyed the house as it was a 3 bedroom with a huge heated pool and a in-ground jacuzzi.   Had a large yard and plenty of flowers and shrubs.    Had a great view of the mountains and the 4th green on the golf course.   After living there for 2 years and teaching at Northern Arizona University and working for the Yuma Elementary School District as as a Special Education teacher, I decided that the house was costing me too much money in repairs and the electricity bills were killing me in the summer.  My utilities were over $1000 in the summer.   So I told my kids that I was selling the house and moving into my motorhome.   If they wanted anything they should come get it as I was going to sell everything except personal things that I would put into storage.    I had two garage sales (will never have one again, OMG they are terrible) and sold everything and moved into the motor home.   Best decision I have ever made.   I loved the life as a nomad.   I could go visit the kids and see places I have never been.   I have met the nicest people and it is a wonderful life.   I traded off my motor home in March 2010 and bought a truck and 5th wheel trailer. I decided in 2012 that I needed a base camp so I thought well Las Vegas is closer to Oregon and Washington to visit relatives and bought a manufactured home in North West Las Vegas.   It is a great area and is very quiet.   I have a nice pad for my 5th wheel trailer with full hookups.   It is a 3 bedroom, 2 living rooms, and 2 baths.   It has a great lot with lots of plants and no grass (love that).   My grand daughters love their room as it is a bunk bed with a trundle bed for all 3 girls.    It is close to church and I can ride my bicycle there.  ds.