It has been quite a year for me in 2016.  January 14  I got a new right hip.  What an experience.  I was in the hospital 3 days.   They had me up and walking the afternoon after I got the new hip.   It was with a walker as I was not supposed to put weight on my right leg.   I then spend 2 weeks in a rehab facility that was great.   Had a really nice room that would compete with any hotel room.   Had a 40″ flat screen tv.   The food was great and the people that worked there were wonderful.   Both my sons were here the first week of the operation and then had to go home and work.   A friend of mine from church stayed at the house and took care of my animals.    I went home and the 2nd day I was home a car went through the back wall of my property.   Took out 40 feet of my wall.   There I was on a walker and could not get out there.    Thank God a friend came over and dealt with the police and the driver.   His insurance paid for the fixing of the wall and the man that did the work said that there was no rebar in the wall   He put rebar both directions and said that if someone hits it again they will bounce off.   

I have been volunteering at the Catholic Worker House.  I go there at 5 am and help to cook the breakfast for the homeless and then we transport it to a vacant field (Las Vegas won’t allow you to serve food in a park to homeless).  We serve the food and finish about 7 am.   It is a wonderful experience and the people there are so nice.   We finally got our church (well not the church but a large all purpose room and offices) on Feb 5.     The Bishop came to dedicate the building.  It is really nice and much better than having church in the High School Auditorium and daily mass at a strip mall.   Only good thing about the strip mall was you could go to church and then go next door and get a tatoo.   Never did that but it was possible.

I became a member of the Knight’s of Columbus at Church.   I am now a 4th degree Sr. Knight.   It is a great organization with really nice men in it.   I would rather have joined the Women’s group as they have a lot of food at their meetings and we get soggy sandwiches.

My dachshund Oscar and my Fritzi died this year.  Oscar was 18 years old and I had him since he was a puppy.   I got him in Korea.   My dog Fritzi I got in 2004 when I moved to Yuma to retire.   She died this year.   I have Conan my german shepard and got a labrador retriever Keira this year.   She is an older dog and I got her from the humane society.  She was about to be put down but now she has a forever home with me  and is a great dog.    She is constantly by my side.   Conan is afraid of her.

My older son Max and his daughter went with me in June up to Oregon to see my family.   We had a great time and took the motor home and pulled the jeep behind.    It was a great trip and had a wonderful time with my family.   My grand daughter caught the only fish.

We have now started and new year 2017 and a new administration.   Several people that I knew in the executive part of the government have put in papers to retire since Trump was inaugurated.

I have moved to Las Vegas, Nevada and love it here.  I bought a  home on a great lot.   Glad to own my property where I live and can work in the yard.  I live in a really nice area in North West Las Vegas.  I left  Yuma on March 17, 2012 and closed on the new house on April 25, 2012.   It is a little warm here during the summer but I like warm now much better than cold.   Went over to San Diego for Thanksgiving 2012 and had dinner with my older son and his family.   It was very nice.   My Daughter-in-Law’s brother and his family were there so it was a good time.   Had lots to eat.   I did all the cooking which is difficult when you are not in your own kitchen and have the utensils that you are used to.  I took the trailer over there with the  truck and got 14 mpg.  I was really happy.  Since then they have come over to Las Vegas for Thanksgiving and Christmas.  My not so miniature dachshund died in Dec 2014.   He was almost 19 years old.   That was a very sad period for me.   I had had him since he was 3 weeks old.  

I got another dog when Jeff (my youngest son) came to visit in Sept 2012.   He is a purebred German Shepard.   His name is Conan.  He is 110 pounds of love.   Only problem I have with him is that he is clumsy and runs into things in the kitchen on the hardwood floors.  He has hurt his leg twice now.  Conan is by my side always and the only problem is that he does not like anyone to touch me even shake hands.   He is very protective.  He loves to go in the motor home and when I start to put stuff in the refrigerator he is on the dashboard ready to go.   Fritzi is getting so old and has arthritis really bad so I had to get a folding ramp so that she could get in and out of the motor home easily.  I also had a ramp put on the back stairs of the house, where the doggy door is, so that she would not have a problem.