I love to cook although I don’t do as much cooking since the kids grew up and went out on their own.   Although in Yuma we had a weekly dinner and I always took a main course to share.    It keeps my cooking skills honed.  I also cook Thanksgiving and Christmas meals.

I also love to swim and there is a pool at most of the parks where I stay.   It helps me lose some weight.   And I have always loved the water.

I ride my bicycle as much as possible.   I bought a 21 speed bike and have had it since 2009 and only used 2 speeds.  Go figure.  But it is a nice bike.

I like taking the dogs for a walk and we walk in our quiet sub division.  All four of us enjoy that.

Most of all I love to travel to new places and that is my passion.   I like to spend time in a new place each year and hope to do more of it in the future.

I attend Mass at the local catholic church everyday.    I enjoy going to church and love my religion although I don’t necessarily agree with all the things that the catholic church profess.

I spend a lot of time in face book chatting.   I also help a dear friend in India with his business.   It keeps my mind working and I really need that.

I love living in Las Vegas, Nevada.   Have always loved buffets and this is the capital of buffets.

I am in the Knight’s of Columbus and enjoy working with them.

I have a dear friend that I have met and we communicate on Skype.    he lives in Managua, Nicaragua  and  is a very intelligent man and wants to go into the ministry.   He is a very interesting person and we can have great conversations on Skype.   His name is Carlos.